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Alexander's Bermea-Mendoza inspired by THSCA's "Seat at the Table"

Posted Date: 04/22/2024

Alexander's Bermea-Mendoza inspired by THSCA's

Alexander head volleyball coach Ari Bermea-Mendoza aims to uplift fellow female coaches daily. That’s why she spearheaded United ISD athletics hosting the Texas High School Coaches Association’s “Seat at the Table” event last Monday. 

The THSCA’s “Seat at the Table” has been designed to provide female coaches around Texas with the tools and relationships to help them thrive in the profession and deliver the most positive impact on their athletes. And with that mission, Bermea-Mendoza felt it was important to host such an event in the Gateway City. 

“Over time, the coaching profession has become more demanding, leading to other struggles such as learning to have a good work-life balance,” Bermea-Mendoza said. “It was important to me to bring staff members from THSCA to enlighten our female coaching community with ideas, information about THSCA and solutions to better serve our athletes and our own families.” 

According to studies, female coaches only account for 35% of youth sport coaches, and that trend holds for females in Texas secondary schools. THSCA has created the “Seat at the Table” series to help retain females in the coaching profession. It allows attendees the opportunity to grow and network within the profession. 

Bermea-Mendoza considered the event a successful one as coaches from nearly every school in Laredo were in attendance. All four UISD schools were well represented and coaches from other programs such as Martin and St. Augustine were in attendance, too. 

UISD was proud to host this event as it wants to strengthen its support for its female coaches. 

Bermea-Mendoza hopes UISD continues to host such events that show support toward local female coaches. She wants to uplift every fellow female coach in town on the daily. So, expect her and UISD to try host more events like Monday’s on regular basis moving forward. 

“It is inspiring to see our female coaches and athletic program leaders accomplish incredible things in the profession,” Bermea-Mendoza said. “It feels great to come together to support one another.”