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Get To Know: Alexander's Jeremy Gabrillo

Posted Date: 04/23/2024

Get To Know: Alexander's Jeremy Gabrillo

Welcome to this week's boys' athlete Get to Know. This week's spotlight is on Alexander's Jeremy Gabrillo. 

Grade: 11th

Sports and positions: Football; Quarterback and Baseball; Outfield

Favorite class: English

Favorite pre-game song: Everlong by the Foo Fighters

Favorite food: Wings

Favorite local restaurant: Chipotle

Favorite movie: Step Brothers

Favorite TV show: SpongeBob

Favorite book: Savages by Don Winslow

Favorite pro team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite college team: UCLA Bruins

Favorite athlete: Caitlin Clark

Dream job: HSI Agent 

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite animal: Otter